Cloth Pads


Sweet Sparrow Design is a mother and daughter team from rural Manitoba.  We are proud to carry their range of locally-made feminine pads here at The Pure Boutique!  

Their beautifully-designed pads and pantyliners are made up of all natural fabrics with the exception of the water resistant or water proof layer. All pad centers are made of 100% ORGANIC fabrics.  The pads available on The Pure Boutique are just as absorbant as regular pads, and come with a water-proof layer sewn into it's structure.  This prevents leaks and soaking through.  

Did you know that disposable pads are made of plastics, fragrances and chemicals that sit next to, and absorb into your body?  Cloth pads are healthier and less irritating.  You will notice immediately how comfortable the fabric feels compared to a convential pad!

Cloth pads are also re-usable every month!  This makes them both earth-friendly and economical.  Caring and washing cloth pads isn't as daunting as you might think.  


Use & Care of your SSD pads:

Rinse or soak in cold water.  Store dirty pads in a wet bag or soaking pail (change water daily) until it's time to wash them.  Machine wash on warm. Dry on low or line dry.

Do not:  

Iron, use bleach, fabric softener or the "sanitize" cycle on the washing machine. 


Consider using a natural stain remover such as Ruby's Red Wash.  You may also rinse your pads with a peroxide/water mixture after use. Sun pads in the sun to whiten and sanitize.