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Finally, a natural mascara you can feel good about putting on your lashes! It is naturally paraben-free, gluten-free, mercury-free, formulated with Eco-cert approved ingredients.  You will be amazed at how well this mascara builds volume and length to your lashes. We trust that this will be the natural mascara you’ve been waiting for!

  • Mercury-Free 
  • Gluten-Free 
  • Paraben-Free 
  • Ecocert approved ingredients 
  • Hypoallergenic – safe for sensitive eyes 
  • pH balanced 

SAMPLE ORDERING: If you are ordering ONLY samples of Pure Anada products, feel free to use the coupon code "sample" to decrease shipping to $2.00. Please note that this is to be used for orders containing ONLY samples. Thank you!

Apply to the eyelashes by starting as close to the eye as possible and gently pulling through the lashes. Allow to dry and apply another coat if desired. Pure Anada Mascara is great for layering.

Aqua, CI 77499, Hydrogenated Olive Oil Stearyl Esters, Stearic Acid, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Myrica Pubescens (Bayberry) Fruit Wax, Pullulan, Glyceryl Caprylate, Oleic/Linoleic/Linolenic Polyglycerides, Xanthan Gum, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Galactoarabinan


I have sensitive eyes. Will this mascara be any different than other products on the market?
Pure Anada mascara is formulated to be PH balanced for eyes. The PH of skin and hair is 4.5-5.5. Our eyes have a PH of 7. If a mascara is not properly PH balanced it will burn and sting your eyes. In our trial studies, we did not encounter anyone who experienced a burning or stinging sensation! This is extremely exciting, since mascara is often a problematic product in this regard. 

I've heard that mascara should be replaced every 3 months. Is this true for Pure Anada natural mascara as well?
Yes, we also recommend purchasing a new vial of mascara every 3 months. Over time, bacteria from your eye begins to contaminate the mascara in the vial. If you use the same vial for too long, you may acquire an infection. If you are experiencing irritation from your mascara that you didn't when you first opened the vial, perhaps it's time to change the tube! 
Also, it is imperative that you do not share mascara with friends or family. 

Will Pure Anada natural mascara make my lashes appear fuller, thicker and longer?
You better believe it! The formula produces amazing volume! Most women found that Pure Anada mascara generated more volume than mainstream brands that claim the same thing.

Other natural mascaras I have tried, do not stay on my lashes for the whole day. What can I expect from Pure Anada natural mascara?
This is where it was critical for us to rise above the competition. What is the point in wearing a natural product, if it runs into your eyes and down your face?
Our mascara will deliver the results you are looking for! It is water-resistant, but not water-proof. Therefore it is easily removed with a gentle oil based cleanser. (Pure Anada Scentless Gentle Cleanser OR our Cucumber & Aloe Eye Makeup Remover)

Is Pure Anada natural mascara vegan?
Yes, Pure Anada mascara is vegan.


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  • Black Mascara

    Posted by Patricia Lynn Rogers on 3rd May 2021

    I have very sensitive eyes. Other mascara I tried left my eyes burning and dried out. This all natural mascara does not irritate my eyes at all. I had given up on ever wearing mascara again until I found this.

  • Best Mascara I've Ever Used

    Posted by Sharon on 1st May 2021

    I have a lot of problems with allergies to mascara. However, I also have blonde eyelashes, so unless I use mascara, you can't even tell that I have any. I was able to use this mascara with no allergic reaction. It brushes on nicely and the price is great. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has sensitivities to mascara.

  • Black mascara

    Posted by Christina Hilborne on 29th Apr 2021

    Bought the trial size to test out - really like it, I can go for a run and the mascara doesn't. This in addition to the fact that it's vegan and cruelty free makes it the best mascara out there.

  • Great Mascara

    Posted by Emily on 28th Apr 2021

    My favourite natural mascara!. Volumizing and lengthening. Lasts well. Love it!

  • THE best mascara

    Posted by Natasha on 1st Apr 2021

    The mascara looks great on, the colour is rich and I've had no issues with clumping. It does not deposit onto my face when I wear it on my lower lashes and doesn't smudge into my eyelids from my upper lashes. Yet it still washes off easily! I'm so, so happy with this product.

  • High Quality Mascara

    Posted by Alexandra on 3rd Mar 2021

    I've tried many different mascaras over the years to suit my sensitive eyes. Even the common hypoallergenic brands left my eyes red and irritated. This is the first mascara that meets all of my requirements. It's safe, NON irritating, affordable and leaves you with long, thick, beautiful lashes. This mascara doesn't even sting your eyes when you take it off at night time! I'm so glad I found Pure Anada. Never going back to ANYTHING else!

  • 3rd time buying

    Posted by Andrea Piitz on 1st Mar 2021

    This is my favorite mascara. Its not insanely volumizing, extending voluminous, etc. But nice and natural looking and it says put, no flaking ro smearing. Ok fine, I wore it in a snowstorm and there were some streaks, but it does better than most. Love that its Canadian. Love this brand

  • Black Mascara - Sample

    Posted by katie lamb on 25th Feb 2021

    The best mascara i've used. I haven't had any problems with clumping. Washes off easily with just water, doesn't require any crazy cleansers

  • Black Mascara

    Posted by Tish on 13th Feb 2021

    First mascara that I’ve tried since I got ‘sensitive’ that doesn’t make my eyes itchy or red or irritated! Love it! No more wasting money on ‘natural’ products that still hurt! I’m so happy I found this!

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