Bronzing Body Shimmer (Loose)

Bronzing Body Shimmer (Loose)

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Use Pure Anada Bronzing Body Shimmer to add glow and vibrancy to the skin’s surface.

Swatch (beginning at the wrist): Light Bronzer, Medium Bronzer, Deep Bronzer, Earth Bronzer, Loose Mineral Bronzing Body Shimmer 

Size: 3g jar

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Body Shimmer is most commonly applied to the face, shoulders, and arms, but it can be used on almost any part the body. Apply it to clean, moisturized skin.
When it’s being used on the face, apply regular make-up first, and treat the shimmer sort of like a finisher or final touch. Bronzing Body Shimmer can also be used in place of eye shadow or blush or lightly dusted on to bare skin for an all-over glow.
Apply with a kabuki brush to give the appearance of glowing skin. Apply just a light coating at first and apply evenly so that some areas aren’t shinier than others.

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