Oriwest Ultrasonic Diffuser (Zeno)

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This Zeno diffuser works using ultrasonic technology to break up water and essential oils or aroma blends into extremely fine micro-particles, diffusing aroma into the air as mist without heat.

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Product description

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Size: 19 X 19 X 19cm
Colour: Wooden Transfer Printing
Water Capacity: 600ml 
Power: 9W 
Voltage: DC 18V 
Light: Warm night light at the bottom 
Gift Colour Box and Auto Shutdown System 

Diffuser Ultrasonic Essential Oils
Size: 19 X 19 X 19cm 
Colour: Transfer Imitation Wood  
Capacity: 600ml
Power: 9W 
Voltage: DC 18V 
Light: Dim light at the bottom
Gift Box and Automatic Shutoff System


• Advanced Ultrasonic Technology and Eco Design

• Enjoy the ultimate aromatherapy experience by using Essential Oils

• Moisturize and refresh the air quality with cooling mist

• Two Levels Mist Settings

• Large 600ml water capacity that can last up to 10 hours each time

• Auto Shutoff

• Warm yellow LED light and independent light control


• Advanced Ultrasonic Technology with a Trendy and Ecological Design

• Benefit from an ultimate aromatherapy experience using Essential Oils

• Moistens and refreshes the air quality with its aromatic diffusion

• Has two levels of diffusion quantity

• Tank that can hold 600ml of water for approximately 10 hours

• Automatic Shutoff System

• Equipped with a yellow LED light with independent control

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0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review