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From the Maker:

From my first pottery class 30+ years ago, I knew this was the creative process my soul was searching for. My enthusiasm was apparent because my husband bought a potters wheel as a Christmas present for me! During those early years, I took classes, workshops and did a lot of reading to immerse myself in clay. But it was through many hours of practice & experimentation in my home studio which helped hone my skills as a potter.

Two years later I decided to make a business out of this rather serious hobby. I was searching for a name that would reflect what I do; which is combine clay and a glaze to make pots. So I combined the words clay + glaze and I came up with the word "Claze", and Deb's Claze was born!

It's a relationship I strive to create when making all my stoneware pottery; connecting you to the journey the clay has made from my hands to the final firing. Whether the connection is tactile - it feels good to hold and use, or visual - form and function are in balance, I pay attention to all these details. Evidence of the handmade nature of pottery will be present on pots; sponge lines and finger marks, variations in size and glaze colours. Whether working on the potters wheel or hand-building to create my stoneware pottery, each pot becomes an individual made to be used and enjoyed.

Pottery is for those who enjoy celebrating the everyday occasions. A Mug - the one piece of pottery you are intimately connected with on a daily basis. You hold it with both hands...bring it to your lips...and occasionally, close your eyes and anticipate the aroma of your beverage captured in your favourite mug. It just feels right. That's why pottery is not just for special occasions but rather, pottery makes every occasion special! Celebrate the everyday!

Deb Brown

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