Deb's Claze Soap Dish - Sage

Deb's Claze Soap Dish - Sage

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Pottery Soap Dish 
Functional and decorative stoneware pottery for your home and work spaces.
About the process from the Maker:

The majority of my pots are made on the potters wheel and depending on the item, I'll utilise a hand-building technique, but no matter the form, I use a medium fire stoneware clay. Making the pots, trimming, drying and filling the kiln for the bisque firing at 1063 C (1945 F), takes about 5 weeks. Once the pots have been bisque fired, they are all wiped to take off the clay dust, bottoms are waxed and the pots are glazed. Then back into the kiln for the glaze firing of 1203 C (2197 F). It is in the glaze firing where the clay + glaze mature and bond and become like glass making them food, microwave, dishwasher and oven safe. (Stoneware pots are oven safe if you place them in a cold oven and then bring it up to temperature.) When the kiln has cooled & unloaded, each piece is admired, inspected and the bottoms sanded to insure no rough edges. One thing for sure, the process of pottery making has taught me patience!

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