Flavor Co2 Extracts

Natural flavor extracts! The “Supercritical Co2 Extraction Method” is a modern technology that gently separates natural flavors from the fruit, flower, herb or substance they are derived from, without the use of harsh solvents.   C02 extracts can be used as a natural way to scent cosmetics, perfumes, and food products.

They are extremely concentrated. A few drops go a long way!

Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Calorie-Free

How to use Co2 Flavor Extracts?  Aromatherapy: Diffuse into the air along with your favourite essential oil!  While Co2 flavor extracts do not have the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, they offer a broader scent range, adding variety to your diffusing selection.  DIY Bodycare: Blend Co2 flavors into unscented bodycare to create your own unique flavor (scent).  Food: Flavor hot or cold beverages, whipped toppings, or baking with just a few drops. These Co2 extracts are extremely concentrated!  For example, just a drop or two in a cup of coffee is all you need.  Vanilla or Hazelnut in coffee is amazing!  Adding a drop to your water bottle is so simple and refreshing.  We guarantee you will fall in love! 

What exactly is a Co2 Flavor Extract?  Co2 extraction is a relatively new method of extracting flavor from a fruit, flower or other substance.  Pressurized Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) is pumped into a chamber filled with matter. When Co2 is under pressure, it becomes "supercritical" - meaning it becomes a liquid solvent, pulling the flavors, oils, pigment or resin from the substance itself. On the other hand, steam distillation uses heated water to extract these properties at a high temperature. Co2 extracts are processed at a lower temperature, preserving the properties of the plant. Thus, flavors and scents are true to the substance they are extracted from.

Are Co2 Flavor Extracts Natural? If your definition of natural means, derived from nature and processed in a eco-friendly manner...then yes!  These flavors are derived from the actual substance they are named after.  Thus, strawberry flavor is extracted from actual strawberries.  Additional compounds may be added to round out the flavour, however these additions are also extracted from natural substances. When we purchase bulk flavors (for use in Pure Anada body and skincare) they are regulated by USDA organic certification.  However, if your definition of "natural" means found in nature without any process or extraction, then no.  These flavor compounds are extracted (pulled from) natural substances.  

Are Co2 Flavor Extracts Vegan? All of the Pure Anada Flavor Co2 Extracts are vegan EXCEPT Caramel.  Caramel is derived from actual cream and sugar.  However, there is no lactose or protein left in the flavour after processing. 

Are Co2 Extracts Gluten Free?  The solvent in our flavors is an organic ethanol alcohol.  Although derived from wheat, it no longer contains detectible residual gluten, since the distillation process eliminates any protein and peptides.  

What is the difference between a natural Co2 flavor and a synthetic fragrance?  A Co2 flavour extract is derived from the actual substance it is named after, or created from compounds derived from natural substances.  An example would be the compound of Vanillin - is a phenolic aldehyde, which is an organic compound with the molecular formula C8H8O3.  It is the primary component of the vanilla bean extract.  It can be used on its own or to round out the taste (scent) of other natural flavors. 

A synthetic fragrance on the other hand is chemically created (mostly from petroleum). Or it may originate from a natural substance, but its chemical structure is modified.  These aroma chemicals are available in various degrees of quality, but do not exist in nature. 

Another major difference between a natural Co2 flavor and a synthetic fragrance, is that flavors generally do not linger when applied topically.  It is essentially a raw material produced for the food industry for the purpose of flavoring food.  However, we find it is a fantastic alternative for use in Pure Anada bodycare; a burst of scent (flavor) when applied, but doesn't linger on skin for long like a synthetic fragrance would.  For some, this is a disappointment, but for others who are cautious about scent-free environments, it's a perfect compromise!

What is the difference between a natural Co2 flavor and an essential oil? Essential oils are the likened to the lifeblood of a plant.  They are the extremely concentrated plant essences, which offer therapeutic benefits to the mind, body and soul.  Co2 flavour extracts are derived from pressurizing fruit, flowers, herbs and substances from which essential oils cannot be extracted.  However, unlike essential oils, they do not have any therapeutic benefits.  They are simply for our pleasure and enjoyment to taste or smell.  

What is the INCI ingredient name for Co2 flavor? According to Health Canada's labelling guide (see Section 10), a flavor must be indicated along with the word "aroma".  In our experience with our Ecocert COSMOS certified organic products, only the word "aroma" is to be used.  Regarding a product indicated to be used in food, the word flavor on its own is sufficient.  

May I purchase Co2 flavor extracts in bulk sizes? We use these flavors in many Pure Anada bodycare products as a natural alternative to synthetic fragrances.  For this reason, we prefer to keep our supplier confidential.  Repackaging these flavors in small bottles for personal use is a fun addition to our range.  We do not wish to become a re-seller of bulk flavors. So sorry. 


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