Foundation Guide


Pure Anada offers a variety of foundation products to suit your skin type and personal preferences.  

How do you choose which one is right for you?  Here are some tips.

Shade Selection:

The very best way to find a perfect match for Pure Anada foundation, is to purchase samples of a few shades in your range, prior to investing in the full size product.  Even better, contact a Pure Anada retailer near you!  Call ahead to make sure they have the selection you are looking for.  

The ideal shade, when blended in, will disappear into your skin.  The best place to swatch is on your jawline. 

Download this shade chart as a guide to get started. Keep in mind, our best selling shades for Caucasian ladies are the "neutral" range (Atlantic Bisque, Sunkissed Canadian, Pacific Tan).  

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see swatches of our Smooth & Conceal Liquid Foundation, Loose Mineral Foundation, and Sheer Radiant Tinted Moisturizer.  

If you need full coverage: 

Perhaps you have an uneven skin tone by nature, or are going through a season of breakouts or rosacea.  Our Loose Mineral Foundation is our best suggestion  to provide full, complete coverage while still feeling lightweight.  It’s like you’re not wearing foundation at all!  When applied with our Flat-Top Foundation Brush, your skin will be flawless.

Our Smooth & Conceal Liquid Foundation is also highly pigmented.  Because it’s a creamy base, it can feel heavier than the Loose Mineral Foundation.  But perhaps your skin will appreciate the extra moisture in this formula.  Also applied with a flat-top brush, this Smooth & Conceal Liquid Foundation  has the ability to create an air-brushed effect.

For oily skin types, full coverage can also be achieved with our Sheer Matte Pressed Foundation if it’s applied in layers with our Flat-Top Foundation Brush.

If you prefer sheer coverage: 

Perhaps you have smooth, even skin tone either genetically or as a result of your faithful skincare regime and healthy lifestyle.  In this case, it’s a great idea to let your natural complexion shine through!

For dry or mature skin types, we recommend our Sheer Radiant Tinted Moisturizer.  It’s a one-step BB cream that evens out your skin tone and leaves it with a radiant finish.

For oily skin types, we recommend our Sheer Matte Pressed Foundation.  When applied with our Blending Face Brush, it creates a sheer layer of minerals that helps keep excess oil at bay.

If applied with a light hand, and our Blending Face Brush, you can also achieve sheer coverage with our Loose Mineral Foundation.  It’s a versatile mineral powder, that can go from complete, full coverage to translucent and sheer, depending on your application technique.

Although our Smooth & Conceal Liquid Foundation is highly pigmented, you can easily mix it with your favourite moisturizer to create a more translucent finish.

To conceal (under-eye circles or blemishes): 

This is the most requested, yet also the most difficult problem to solve.  It may be necessary to try different suggestions to see what works best for you.  Reduce puffiness and bags by preparing the skin around your eye area with our Awake Eye Gel.

Some ladies have great success by concealing under eye circles, or blemishes with their Loose Mineral Foundation.  When applied with a small shadow brush, the minerals are concentrated and help to conceal uneven tones.

Our Colour Correctors are applied in the same way; with a small shadow brush.  These neutralizing mineral pigments help to counter-act unwanted tones.  Green to neutralize redness, yellow to neutralize blue, etc.

Our most popular concealing product is our Cream Concealer sticks.  These silicone-free concealers are to be applied with your finger in a tapping, pressing motion.   The warmth of your finger is needed to activate the natural butters and waxes.  Coverage is smooth and complete.  Our concealers can be used with any foundation system.

For mid-day touch-ups:

Pure Anada Sheer Matte Pressed Foundation is handy to keep in your purse for mid-day touch-ups.  It absorbs excess oils to keep you shine-free. Encased in a re-usable, magnetic compact, it is applied with a brush.  Try our travel-sized, mini-kabuki brush.

Pure Anada Loose Mineral Foundation is also available in smaller 3g, travel-sized pots.  Also applied with the mini-kabuki, it’s portable enough to keep in your purse.

We also recommend a travel sized version of our Marine Mineral Toner.  A light spritz of this hydrating spray is a refreshing mid-day ritual.  It plumps your skin cells prior to refreshing your foundation, preventing it from looking dull and cakey.


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