Glass Sipper Straws

GlassSipper is a family business run by wife and husband team Aimee and Fred. Before GlassSipper Aimee spent 10 years working as a glass artist, while her youngest son Adin, spent his first 10 years of life drinking exclusively out of straws. Plastic straws - they always end up strewn throughout kitchen drawers, atop kitchen counters and eventually, into landfills and oceans. FOREVER! So in 2014 inspiration struck, purpose met passion, and Aimee and Fred created GlassSipper.

Each GlassSipper straw is a unique piece of hand-made functional art, which is good for you, great for the environment, and just plain fun. It was created for everyday use and is:

  • Perfect or Hot & Cold Beverages - Your drink can be piping hot or icy cold, but your glass straw will always be just right.
  • Easy Cleaning & Dishwasher Safe - Just give your Glass Sipper a quick rinse under the tap and pop in the dishwasher.
  • Shatter-Resistant - Made of borosilicate, the strongest glass available.

"We hand make Glass Sipper straws in our Vancouver BC studio, using an ancient technique called lampworking. Our straws are made of borosilicate glass, the same glass used to make Pyrex glassware. We 'paint' the coloured glass onto the clear-glass straws with a 2000 /F degree torch. The straws are natural, strong, toxin-free and can be used 100’s of times. Good for hot or cold beverages, Glass Sippers are dishwasher and microwave safe."

- The Team at Glass Sipper

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