July Photo Challenge

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July Photo Challenge 

Hi Everyone! We are beyond excited to be featuring a Photo Challenge for the month of July! We get to see your beautiful photos and you get Pure Anada Product HALF OFF and the chance to win a $50.00 Pure Anada Gift Certificate at the end of the month! It's a total win-win. 


Here's how it's going to work:


You guys, our valued customers and social media followers, will take pretty pictures of Pure Anada product and then post them on your social media (story or feed). You must also send those pictures to this email: tiffany@pureanada.ca. You can take them on your weekend adventures, wearing the product, or as a stylized photo. When you post to social media, as a story (because who wants to clutter up their feed?!)or as a post on your page, make sure to tag us so we can see it! When you post a picture, you will be given access to an online coupon code that gives you half off a Mascara, Lip Shine, or Liquid Eyeliner. If you are a local customer, you can request to pick up your product in-store. If you are not a local customer, you can totally still participate and take advantage of the discount, but the shipping cost will be on you.


BONUS: The winners of the top 5 pictures for July will each receive a $50.00 Gift Certificate for Pure Anada product!

So, get creative and fun with these pictures because we are dying to give away free stuff!


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