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    Herbal Glo’s Ultra Clean Sanitizer Contains The Exact Formula Recommended By The World Health Organization

    Our Ultra Clean Hand Sanitizers contain the exact formula recommended by the World Health Organization
    Easy liquid sprays that get instantly absorbed
    Not sticky like all of the other gel hand sanitizers
    Ingredients include 1.45% Glycerin, 0.125% Hydrogen Peroxide, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E & Tea Tree Oil

    There are so many benefits to using our high quality hand sanitizer.
    “This formulation includes a very high level of 80% alcohol, while at the same time being able to moisturize with the help of the Glycerin content”, he says. “It was felt that 60% alcohol that most hand sanitizers use might only kill bacteria, where the higher 80% might kill viruses as well. So that is what we did”.

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