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    Manitoba made Natural Deodorant. Holistically clean, from the inside out.

    Souldeo "...has a simple mission: create luxurious, effective, and natural deodorant that's safe for everyone.

    After breast cancer claimed my aunt (and close friend) at the mere age of 32, I was advised to have regular mammograms starting at 30. The new concern about my health caused me to seriously consider the safety of what I was putting onto my body every day. The one product that really stood out to me as a potential health hazard was conventional deodorant/anti-perspirant. 

    As if my newfound knowledge wasn't reason enough to stop using my anti-perspirant, I suddenly developed an allergy to it and experienced unpleasant reactions from every conventional brand that I tried. I tried natural brands but was disappointed in their efficacy. Now I had no choice: if nothing out there worked for me, I'd have to make it myself! At the time I needed a creative outlet to relieve the timing was perfect!

    After countless trials on myself (and whoever was willing to be my guinea pig) I finally developed what's now known as SoulDeo Natural Deodorant!

    The original formula comes in a jar, and has been VERY popular with it's cream-to-powder feel. After the success of the original, I launched a smooth-glide stick formula which is proving to be another favourite among my loyal customers. These vegan, magnesium based deodorants are highly effective without any of the risks associated with conventional products. 

    I now also carry a few other products that compliment the brand, like dry shampoo and shower mists--be sure to give them a try and let me know what you think!

    This brand is truly made with soul!"


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