Mineral Foundation

For: All skin types. With the proper application techniques, Pure Anada mineral cosmetics can be used by all women! Mature skin types enjoy the light, luminous texture, while problematic skin types take advantage of the full, soothing coverage.

Best Choice: To soothe and conceal rosacea, and acne prone skin

Coverage: Complete, full coverage with a lightweight feel and a soft-focus finish

How to Apply:  Cleanse and moisturize your skin, then apply Smooth Priming Serum prior to application to achieve a smooth, even finish.  Keep in mind, that "less is more", since our Loose Mineral Foundation is very concentrated.  A jar typically lasts someone 4-6 months with daily application.  Use a Flat Top Foundation Brush for best results. Tap a small amount of minerals into the cap, dip in the brush, and buff onto the skin in a circular motion.

Tips:  Loose Mineral Foundation is easily customized!  Need a specific shade?  Simply shake two colours together in a ziploc bag, and insert back into your pot.  Want to make your foundation more sheer?  Pure Anada loose mineral foundation is full coverage, but if you want less coverage, simply blend it with one of our two finishing mineral powders
to create your own custom finish. 

Key Ingredients:  Titanium Dioxide (food grade, NON nano-sized particles) for full coverage, and reflect the sun's rays away from your skin. Zinc Oxide to soothe and protect. Silica to blur fine lines and wrinkles. 

Popular Shades: Our most popular shades of loose mineral foundation for Caucasian skin tones are our "Neutral" shades: Atlantic Bisque, Sunkissed Canadian, Pacific Tan.  We recommend purchasing inexpensive samples, prior to investing in the full size foundation to ensure you have the perfect match!

SAMPLE ORDERING: If you are ordering ONLY samples of Pure Anada products, feel free to use the coupon code "sample" to decrease shipping to $2.00. Please note that this is to be used for orders containing ONLY samples. Thank you!

Foundation Guide

To help you decide which Pure Anada Foundation best suits your needs, we suggest reading the Foundation Guide page in our Learning Centre.  


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