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This is me and Meseret in Ethiopia (July, 2012); my second trip to this exotic, beautiful country.  The trip to bring her home.  

When I first began to create makeup as a hobby, I brought it to local craft sales.  I soon realized that selling Pure Anada would be a means to raise funds for foreign adoption.  I remember being called by God to be the mother of someone who didn't have one. 

My husband and I were young and naive, and definitely without enough money to complete this expensive legal process.  But we decided to trust that if we were to fulfil our call, God would supply what we needed. 

To our amazement, my hobby soon generated enough funds to complete our adoption process.  But even more astonishing was that Pure Anada grew to support our entire family and employ others in our community as well!   

Meseret Adornments is my little project to dedicate specific funds to other families in their calling to love the most vulnerable.  The registered charity we choose may change from year to year. 


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