Organic Certification


What defines "natural" or "organic" when it comes to beauty products?  In a sea of toxic options, these words are flippantly used by brands to gain the consumer's trust.  However, in an industry that isn't strictly regulated, these terms don't hold a lot of value on their own.  Brands use these words on their packaging and communication, but aren't officially held accountable for them.  Natural and organic can have many different meanings, but there is no way to ensure a product is indeed natural or organic, unless the manufacturer and brand owners voluntarily submit to third party regulation.  

At Pure Anada, we felt compelled to prove to our customers that the standard for our formulations are higher than most others.  For that reason, we chose to align with the Ecocert COSMOS Organic standard.  What does this mean? 

COSMOS certified products are produced to the highest standards for organic and natural cosmetics in the world!  As a manufacturer, we participate in regular audits that trace the products we produce back to the very farms where the raw ingredients were grown. An inspector comes to our facility to ensure our processes meet the stringent standards required to produce a COSMOS certified organic product.  Not only do these products have to contain a minimum amount of natural and/or organic ingredients, all other ingredients and packaging must be approved.  This isn't an easy process!  Passing these standards is extremely admirable, so when you see the Ecocert COSMOS Organic logo (as seen above) on your product - know that it is indeed a truly natural and eco-friendly product. To learn more about the COSMOS standard - READ HERE

Our very first COSMOS organic product is Pure Anada Prime & Perfect Liquid Concealer - which is 100% natural, with 79% of the ingredients from organic farming.  It's loaded with the most beautiful certified organic plant products.  We're in love!  Moving forward, new products we develop or reformulate will meet the COSMOS organic standard and feature the Ecocert logo.  




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