The Lord is My Song by Mark G. Turner

The Lord is My Song by Mark G. Turner

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"Having been involved in Christian music for many years, I have made an unfortunate observation. Far too often, music has been the primary focus of many worship practices and events. Our Lord, whom we love, must be restored to the central point of our worship. As an orchestral composer, I realize how alluring music can be. We must set this allurement aside and refocus on God’s glory. If artistic beauty and musicianship have taken center stage, then our music may have become a sinful source of pride.

Singers and musicians have sometimes become involved in worship teams and choirs without ever having begun a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus, and when their musical motivation fades, they depart, having never learned to love Him.

Music is the organized, auditory, communicative expression by the living of the life they possess and the truths they profess. In worship we affirm His worth. Worship, as an act of the will, indicates our position as His obedient people, and He, as Lord, must receive our adoration.

It is my intent with these devotionals, based on seventy-five passages of Scripture, comprising 291 verses, to provide a valuable resource for all who lead worship.

The Lord Is My Song, is a series of music devotionals for worship leaders, Christian musicians, and all who love to worship our Lord."

- Mark G. Turner

About the Author:

Mark G. Turner and his wife, Emma Marie, are active participants in a local church in Canada and have served as Bible teachers, counselors, and leaders in a variety of settings. They have served in Canada, the United States, the Bahamas, Great Britain, the Philippines and recently the People's Republic of China. Mr. Turner has been a worship leader, elder, Bible teacher for international students, and for Chinese Christians.

Mr. Turner has taught Bible at the college level, English at the university level, has been a public school teacher, and a social worker. He is a graduate of Briercrest College and Seminary, the University of Waterloo, York University, and the University of Leeds (MMU, music composition).

Mr. Turner, as an orchestral composer, has had his music premiered in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and the People's Republic of China. A limited sampling of some of his smaller ensemble compositions can be heard and purchased through by simply entering his name, Mark G. Turner, into the search box. Contact him directly and request a sampling of his works for full symphony orchestra.

To contact him personally regarding his music or to arrange opportunities to teach or speak, he may be reached by email:

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