Way Out Wax - Aromatherapy Candle: Patchouli

Way Out Wax - Aromatherapy Candle: Patchouli

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Patchouli's earthy and musky aroma is exotic and rich, well known for its relaxing and aphrodisiac qualities.

Made with 100% soy wax and scented solely with pure essential oil of patchouli, these convenient travels tins are compact, spill-proof and safe. Perfect for around the house, hotel rooms or impromptu yoga settings, our travel tins provide aromatherapy-on-the-go.

Two sizes available:

  • 6.7 ounces - burns up to 40 hours
  • 3.0 ounces - burns up to 20 hours
Burn only on a stable, heat resistant surface. Do not move when burning or if wax is hot.

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