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    The success of Pure Anada is due to wonderful people! Clients and retailers like you, who believe in supporting locally-made, healthy, Canadian products have been the catalyst for our amazing growth. We are so thankful for your word-of mouth advertising, product suggestions and purchases!

    Our team of employees is the most valuable part of our business. Positive attitudes, hard work ethics and a commitment to our processes, brand philosophy and customer service have distinguished Pure Anada in the marketplace of natural cosmetics.



    Shopping online is convenient, but nothing compares to the experience of visiting one of our local boutiques!  Smelling the soap, sampling the lotion and swatching makeup shades is absolutely delightful.  Our boutique ladies love helping our guests choose the products that are best for you.  We hope you will visit us one day soon!  Learn more about our local boutiques here.


    One of the most common questions I am asked, is “How did you get into this business?”   It’s definitely a good question, and sometimes I too,  am amazed that what started out as a hobby has turned into our family’s full-time livelihood.   I believe in a higher power, and often tell people that Pure Anada is simply part of God’s plan for my life.  It is certainly an exciting opportunity and I am enjoying the journey!

    My first career was hairstyling.  I enjoyed the creative aspect of working in a salon, as well as the relationships I built with my clients.  However over the years, I developed sensitivities to some of the products and chemicals we were using on a daily basis.  Eventually, I was using prescription creams on my hands, and couldn’t make it through the day without respiratory allergy medication.

    I was always aware of nutrition and health, thanks to my Mother.  I grew up as the kid who brought the “healthy” lunch to school which consisted of home-made, whole grain bread and apple juice from our own orchard.  My Mom was ahead of her time when she taught us that “the whiter the bread…the sooner you’re dead”!  So I knew the importance of what we put IN our body.  Suddenly it dawned on me that it must also be important to consider what we put ON our bodies as well.

    That’s when I began to research some of the ingredients that were in the products I was using as a hairstylist.  I was surprised to learn that the cosmetic industry is not well regulated and that many ingredients are NOT tested for their long-term safety.  By using a plethora of ingredients in our personal care products, we are simply participating in a giant experiment!  I was not interested in being a part of it any longer.

    That was in 2003.  I had two small children and decided that it was time to live a more holistic lifestyle.  I changed many household and personal care items to healthier, more environmentally friendly alternatives.  The last products to go were my colour cosmetics.  I was accustomed to using high-quality, salon brands and could not find “natural” makeup on the market that met my expectations.  I have always had an insatiable desire to “make it myself”.  As  child, I learned to sew, bake bread, and craft just about anything and everything.  Surely I could make my own makeup!?  I researched the prospect and jumped in with both feet!   I remember the days when I would tuck the kids into bed, and bring out my stash of ingredients.   I was hooked!

    I made colours for myself, friends and family.  I was surprised to learn how many ladies were sensitive to traditional cosmetics.  It seems as if our bodies are just saying…”enough already with the chemicals”!  Even more fascinating was that the products I was creating from organic botanicals, and food-grade minerals didn’t irritate their skin at all!  I started to see there was a demand for a more natural alternative to traditional cosmetics.  As the years have past, consumers have become more educated and aware of what they are putting on their bodies.  This is a good thing, and we are pleased to offer consumers a line of products that can make them feel fabulous, without compromising on the safety of the ingredients.

    I am amazed at how our company continues to grow, and I am so very grateful!  I am no longer mixing makeup in my kitchen.  We are blessed to have a dedicated facility with professional equipment, and fabulous personnel.  Our brand continues to expand, to include new products and colours.  I am honoured to have the privilege of helping women bring out their natural beauty!


    Candace Grenier

    Founder, Pure Anada Inc.