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    What is the Affiliate Program?

    The Affiliate Program is designed for individuals who wish to promote Pure Anada by influencing their friends, family, clients or fans to purchase products. It is a very fitting program for influencers, bloggers, and loyal Pure Anada customers with a significant following or circle to promote to.

    The most effective form of advertising we’ve experienced is “word of mouth”; people telling their friends about the products they love. In an effort to reward and encourage this form of advertising or "influencing", an Affiliate Program was born.  

    Affiliate Benefits:

    • Pureologists earn 10% (or more) commission on all Pure Anada sales (increased commission when sales goals are met). Affiliate sales are tracked by personal link. These links can be shared in person, on social media, or on a website/blog.

    • Receive commission for products you purchase for yourself!

    If you have any questions, or want to know anything more about this program, contact us at [email protected]!