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    WHO: Registered businesses with a brick-and-mortar store or online boutique.

    COMPENSATION: Wholesale discount off the retail price. 

    QUALIFICATIONS: Proof of a legitimate business operation.  

    Our retail partners (wholesale customers) are those with a brick-and-mortar storefront, a mobile or pop-up shop, or a fully functioning online store. We are honored when boutiques want to feature Pure Anada in their storefronts!  Our products are a great fit in gift stores, health & wellness boutiques, natural product retailers, salons and spas. 

    Apply for a wholesale account at our dedicated site: Wholesale Natural Cosmetics.  



    WHO: Individuals who are active in the beauty or wellness industry (makeup artist, esthetician, massage therapist, hairstylist, etc.)  

    COMPENSATION: Discount code (in-store and/or online) to use toward Pure Anada products which can be used for their professional services, personal use or sell to their clients.   

    QUALIFICATIONS: Proof of certification and active business activity (social media page, website)

    Pure Anada aspires to enable professionals to use clean and effective products in their makeup, skincare or wellness kits.  As an expert, you are aware of the increasing demand to use clean cosmetics.  Clients are requesting products that are free from toxic chemicals and common allergens.  We would love to help you on your journey to educating people about the benefits of using natural skincare and colour cosmetics.  

    To request a discount code, please email us at [email protected]  Tell us about your business and how you will incorporate Pure Anada into the service you provide. 



    WHO: Individuals or businesses who wish to promote Pure Anada by influencing their friends, family, clients or fans to purchase products.   

    COMPENSATION: Percentage commission paid out on a monthly basis based on the volume of sales put through the affiliate’s custom link.  

    QUALIFICATIONS: Proof of where the affiliate link will be shared (blog, company website, Facebook page, Instagram account, etc). The affiliate should not use their link “passively”. Example: coupon directories, inactive websites, etc.  

    Designed for those with a love for Pure Anada and a desire to share our brand with others! The Pureology Program is a very fitting program for influencers, bloggers, and avid fans with a significant following, reach, or circle of influence.  

    This program is also a good fit for approved retailers who, along with featuring our product in their stores, also want the option to offer their customers a broader selection of Pure Anada. By referring them to our eCommerce platform their clients get access to our full range of product. 

    We provide each Pureologist with their own link to share with their followers/customers.  All orders that come through their link will earn a commission!  We also offer seasonal promotions, bonuses, and other benefits to our valued Pureologists.   

    To learn more about the Pure Anada Pureology affiliate program, check out the Pureology Page.



    WHO: Businesses who use products in their corporation (cleaning companies, offices, bed & breakfast, hotels) 

    COMPENSATION: Discount code (in-store and/or online) to use toward select Pure Anada products: 

    Room & Linen Mist, Foaming Soap, Hand & Body Wash, Hand & Body Lotion, Refreshing Hand Gel, Shampoo & Conditioner, Bar Soap, Gift Sets (Seasonal)

    QUALIFICATIONS: Proof of a legitimate business operation  

    Would the opportunity to use Pure Anada soap at work help to make your day brighter?  Our corporate discount makes it easy for offices and other workplaces to use our naturally scented cleaning and hygiene products.  We also offer this discount to boutique hotels and bed & breakfasts so they can treat their guests to gorgeous Canadian-made toiletries.   

    To request a discount code, please email us at [email protected]  Tell us about your business and what products you are interested in using at your workplace.