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    To apply on Indeed, see our job posting HERE

    Otherwise, send your resume and completed APPLICATION QUESTIONNAIRE to [email protected] with the subjuect line: Holistic Beauty Consultant Application. 

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Job Description

    Location: Morden & Winkler, Manitoba 

    Wage: Depending on experience - a background in esthetics, the beauty industry and/or retail customer service is preferred. 

    Hours: 30-40 hours per week (4-5 days) - we are flexible to work with the right candidate’s needs. One to two Saturdays per month is required. Evenings and Sundays off.  

    Start date: September, 2024 

    What we’re looking for 

    Pure Anada is looking for a career-driven, holistic beauty advisor – an individual who desires a meaningful career, not merely a job. You would be the primary face of the local Pure Anada boutique experience in Manitoba, dividing your time between the small cities of Morden & Winkler.  

    We’re looking for someone to be the driving force of knowledge and information regarding our products – how to use them as well as our clean ingredient philosophy. You would be part of our mission to introduce, educate and inspire our local customers to make healthier product choices. 

    Our best candidate 

    Loves people. You love people and enjoy interacting with our community of customers each day. You are energized by serving people, encouraging and inspiring them to be the best version of themselves, through the use of our products.  

    Desires to learn.  There is much to know about our product's ingredients and features.  You are someone who likes to dig into the details and continue expanding your knowledge base. You are motivated to be the person customers look to for beauty advice and product recommendations.  

    Appreciates health and wellness. Pure Anada offers people a healthy alternative to toxic cosmetics sold in traditional department stores.  You are someone who appreciates this difference as demonstrated by your personal choices to live a clean, holistic lifestyle. 

    Has vitality. This position requires the stamina to be on your feet for most of the day, especially during busy seasons. You are someone who reliably shows up each day with health and enthusiasm to service our customers. We are looking for someone who fits in with our goal-driven culture so we can celebrate accomplishments together with you. 

    Uses bath & beauty products. It goes without saying, that our best candidate must personally love using Pure Anada! You will represent our brand to the public, therefore inspiring customers with your appearance is important. You will lead with creativity as you help customers choose products and teach them how to apply makeup. Your knowledge of the skin’s anatomy will be an asset as you recommend skincare products to our clients. (specific training regarding natural/organic products will be provided.)  

    Sees soul beauty. Pure Anada is a wholesome beauty brand. We see outer beauty as a reflection of the inner confidence found in the soul of every woman. If our clients haven’t yet found confidence in who they are, you will be the guide to encourage them in this way. Our products are merely a medium to help them see who God created them to be. They will shine on the outside because of their glow on the inside!  


    Product Educator  

    Your primary role will be to educate and inspire our customers to make healthier choices, with skincare recommendations and makeup advice. Products made with natural and organic ingredients perform differently than mainstream, traditional brands. Your task will be to share the tips and tricks to using Pure Anada as well as the benefits of the botanical and mineral ingredients. Our clients, retailers and other team members will look to you as their source of knowledge. This will be achieved within the boutique on a daily basis, at local (or online) events, or through individual skincare or makeup consultations (by appointment).  

    Customer Care 

    Your “office” is within our storefronts. Customers crave the relaxing experience of our beautiful local boutiques. You help create the Pure Anada experience as you welcome them into our stores. You will professionally assist them in choosing products so they leave happy and empowered to use them at home. Your presence in the boutique involves maintaining a clean and visually appealing environment. You will complete in-store customer transactions from start to finish. 

    What we offer 

    Friendly and positive workplace environment. You will be surrounded by encouraging individuals when you work at Pure Anada. Our current team is life-giving and uplifting.  

    Generous discounts and free sample products. We make it easy to use and love our products with an initial gratis package, as well as an ongoing employee discount.  

    Educational resources. You will receive plenty of support and education to feel empowered to do your job. We provide the information, so you have everything you need to become the wealth of knowledge required for this role.  

    Wellness fund benefits. Full-time employees (>30 hours per week) qualify for our wellness fund benefit program that can be used for registered professional services of your choice.  

    Application and onboarding process  

    Application questionnaire. Please answer the preliminary interview questions LINKED HERE and send them along with a resume and references to [email protected]  with the subject line: Holistic Beauty Consultant Application. We look forward to learning more about you!  

    Interview. Only those who are deemed a best fit for the role will be contacted for an interview. Interviews will be held in mid-end of August, 2024.

    Job shadowing (2 days). We offer the opportunity to spend a couple of days with us here at Pure Anada! Job-shadowing is part of our interview process so that you can decide if this is where you will thrive. You will experience our culture and we will both come away knowing if it’s a good fit.  

    Probationary period (2 months). The first 2 months will further determine if this is where you want to be. We will assess your enthusiasm, ethics and ability to fulfil the role as a career position. Pay during this time will be $2.00 above Manitoba minimum wage, with no obligation to either party to continue employment.  

    Regular employment. After a successful probationary period, we will look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Pure Anada team!