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    Flagship Boutique

    Pure Anada Flagship Boutique

    In August, 2014, Pure Anada opened it's first cosmetic lab and beauty boutique in Morden, Manitoba. The historic downtown location was the perfect setting to introduce our community to the world of natural bath and beauty products. Prior to this exciting event, Pure Anada makeup and skincare was handcrafted "behind the scenes" in various workspaces - starting in Candace Grenier (founder's) kitchen, to a workshop on her acreage, and then a unit in the industrial park. The downtown storefront was a charming upgrade, but we soon outgrew the production space! When the opportunity arose to purchase our current facility, (located just across the street), we eagerly accepted.

    Over the years, we've opened more bath and beauty boutiques to service small and vibrant communities like our own. While our vision isn't necessarily to expand further in this way, it is an aspect of our business that is appreciated by the local customers of these small cities. There's nothing quite like seeing and swatching makeup products in-person, or smelling the soaps and bath bombs first-hand. Our boutiques are a relaxing environment to try our products and receive advice from our highly-rated boutique ladies. We even offer personalized consultations for more in depth beauty advice.

    Walking into one of our stores is a delightful experience that we hope you might have the opportunity to enjoy one day! 

    The Pure Anada Boutiques