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    Pure Anada Princess Polish - the most natural nail polish available on the market!  Although categorized into our line of “Little Kingdom” children’s products, it can be worn by teens and adults alike!  Although it doesn’t last as long as a solvent-based polish, it’s the best choice for ingredient-conscious individuals and children of all ages. This nail polish is water-based at over 75% of the formula! This makes it odorless and completely non-toxic.  It also includes a safe polymer (acrylates copolymer) and a combination of mineral and FD&C approved colorants. 

    Shelf Life: Princess Polish has a shelf life of several years.  Over time it may start to thicken. If that is the case, it can easily be revived by adding a drop or two of water and shaking to combine. It’s also to be expected that separation may occur over time. This isn’t a problem. Simply shake your polish bottle before use. 

    Longer-wear: Princess Polish doesn’t wear as long as our Glamour Polish. However most people who value the non-toxic attributes, don’t mind this disadvantage. To get the most out of your application, apply two coats of Princess Polish before bed so it has several hours to cure. The longer it cures - the longer it will last on your nails. 

    Removal: Use Pure Anada soy-based polish remover to remove Princess Polish. Soak a cotton pad or ball and hold for 30 seconds to wipe away polish. Princess Polish becomes more difficult to remove after 3 days.

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