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  • Why Pure Anada

    "Since the inception of Pure Anada, my goal has been to create a natural, safer alternative to traditional, mainstream cosmetics.  I love the beauty of nature, and enjoy the challenge of assembling luxurious, organic ingredients into products for you to enjoy.”   

    Candace Grenier (Formulator & Founder)


    Our Beauty Philosophy 

    We believe makeup should be used to accent your natural beauty, drawing attention to the features that make YOU unique.  Our goal is to inspire our customers to believe they are truly beautifully and wonderfully made – just as they are. From acne to wrinkles, using products to lovingly care for your skin is a celebration of life!  After interacting with Pure Anada, we hope you will be encouraged and confident to let your light shine.  

    Our Mission 

    Our mission is to provide a healthier alternative to traditional beauty brands using clean, safe and organic ingredients.  It’s our joy to create products from natural resources that are proven to be safe and effective. It’s also our mission to promote wholesome, wearable makeup.  We do not wish to objectify women, but rather inspire them to prioritize their inner beauty as most valuable. 

    Ethically Sourced Ingredients  

    Since the ingredients used in our products are sourced from around the world, we do our best to research the supply chain to ensure the ingredients we purchase are fairly traded.  Our shea butter comes from a women’s co-op in west Africa.  Our Mica supplier ensures that their product is mined ethically in India without the use of child labour.  They own their own mines, fund schools and daycare centers so that the quality of life for their employees is fair. 

    Clean Formulations 

    Our goal is to create luxurious, affordable cosmetics exclusively using ingredients that are derived from nature.   

    • Instead of FD&C dyes, we use ethically-mined minerals and natural colourants.   
    • Instead of synthetic fragrances, we use essential oils and organic food-grade flavours.   
    • Instead of silicone polymers, we use plant-based oil, butter and waxes.   
    • Instead of controversial preservatives, we use bio-based preservation systems.   

    We avoid the “Dirty Dozen” ingredients used in cosmetics, as well as the Environmental Defense’s “Toxic Ten”.  For your reference, download the Just Beautiful Personal Care Shopping Guide or Gillian Deacon’s Wallet Tip Sheet.  To find out what natural and organic means to us, click HERE 

    Free from Common Allergens 

    We are committed to choosing ingredients that are least likely to cause skin irritations and allergic reactions. With that said, it may still be possible to be sensitive to a naturally sourced ingredient. Our products do NOT contain: gluten (our vitamin E is derived from rice bran or non-GMO soy), tree nuts (besides shea butter which is typically safe for those with a tree nut allergy), or bismuth oxychloride (a common mineral irritant). Other common irritants found in conventional cosmetics are synthetic fragrances and FD&C colourants, which as mentioned in the point above, are not used in the formulation of Pure Anada products.  


    We do not test our products on animals, nor do we purchase ingredients from suppliers that do. Pure Anada has been certified as a cruelty-free manufacturer by the Leaping Bunny program. Our bamboo brushes are made of synthetic micro-fiber and therefore are also cruelty-free. Many of our products are also vegan (contain no animal by-products). Look for the Cruelty-Free and Vegan Logo to be sure.  

    Nostalgic Branding 

    The floral graphics on our website and new product branding is authentic, vintage, botanical drawings from the 1800s.  This signifies our appreciation for nature and it’s obvious beauty. It is remnant of a simpler time when our food was whole, and nature was unmodified. Our formulas reflect this principle since we incorporate simple ingredients from the earth: floral waters, plant oils and mineral pigments. 

    Made in Canada 

    It’s estimated that only 5% of makeup brands actually make their own product.  The rest rely on third party, contract manufacturing companies to produce their line.  Since the cosmetic industry isn’t well-regulated, there is room for dishonesty in labelling, and green-washing. Our products are made in our own, certified organic lab and manufacturing facility in Morden, Manitoba.  Aside from a few items (nail polish and pencils), we have the benefit of being in control of our formulations, ingredients and processes. 

    Inclusion Statement 

    All human beings are welcome to shop in our local and online boutiques.  We hope everyone feels respected and valued as our customers, and that our actions reflect love and light – without having to signal our virtues on social media or elsewhere.  It’s our desire that your interaction with the people at Pure Anada is memorable and warm. Our brand does not advocate for any social, political, medical or faith-based causes. While there are many worthy stands to take in our culture, as a bath and beauty brand we have not made this our mission.   

    Association Disclaimer 

    While Pure Anada is a wholesome and culturally conservative brand, these values may not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of our staff, retail partners, customers or influencers of our brand. We are thankful for the diversity of people who appreciate our natural beauty products. On occasion, we may share content from influencers or other companies who feature our products.  We are not responsible for any additional content produced by these organizations, nor do we represent or endorse the lifestyle of people who promote Pure Anada. Our common ground is the appreciation for locally-made, clean, affordable beauty.  


    We believe that the success of Pure Anada is from God. It is He who gives us the creative inspiration to develop new products, the health and strength to produce them, and it’s His divine decision to expand our reach.  We give Him the glory and acknowledge that ALL we have been given belongs to the Lord.