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  • Mysa Candles Candle - Fika (Coffee & Cake)

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    Fika (FEE-kah)
    In Swedish culture, fika is the everyday indulgence of a laid-back chat over coffee (and usually a sweet pastry or baked treat).

    Product description

    Our fika candle is inspired by strong, freshly brewed coffee paired with just a taste of a freshly baked cinnamon pastry.

    We carefully infuse small batches of 100% soy wax with our own blend of high quality essential and fragrance oils, hand pour the wax over wooden wicks into a heavy bottom whiskey glass, gold tin, or paper cup for use in our refillable containers, then wrap each candles with a label. We use soy wax because it burns slowly and cleanly; wood wicks because the soft crackle adds so much to cozy moments; and blend our own scents to capture just the right feeling we had in mind. Our 8oz whiskey glass candles burn for approximately 45-50 hours, 7oz candle refills for our ceramic containers burn for approximately 40-45 hours, and our 4oz candles burn for approximately 20-25 hours.

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    0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review