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  • Pure Anada Herbal Brush Freshener

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    Freshen your brushes in between uses with our herbal brush freshener. Just mist your brushes and let them dry.

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    Product description

    You should wash all your brushes on a weekly basis. However, sometimes it's necessary (or desired) to freshen and sanitize your brush between uses. The extracts chosen for the Pure Anada Herbal Brush Freshener formulation are antibacterial in nature, effective in making sure there is no lingering bacteria when you apply your makeup the next day. 

    At home use: Mist your brushes (just one pump will do!) after your makeup application. Work the mist into the bristles and let air dry. 

    In salon or boutique: After using a brush on a client, if you are not able to shampoo it betwee uses, mist it generously with the Herbal Brush Freshener, working it into the bristles.  Due to the alcohol content, it will dry quickly.  Similarly, after clean shampooed brushes have dried overnight, lightly mist them the next day to give them an extra boost of sanitation.  

    Size: 240ml

    Ingredients: Aqua, Alcohol, Extracts of Oregano leaf extract, Thyme extract, Cinnamon bark extract, Rosemary leaf extract, Lavender flower extract, Lemon peel extract, Peppermint leaf extract, Golden seal root extract and Olive leaf extract

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    0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review