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  • Citron Remedies (Wonder Oil)

    WONDER OIL® has been used by generations of families and has been widely known as: "Canada's Healing Oil"

    Since 1927 the elegant remedy made in Canada and containing ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS, has been bringing relief to users everywhere.

    WONDER OIL® is HEALING and COMFORTING. WONDER OIL® is quickly absorbed into the skin to begin working immediately. WONDER OIL® is NOT GREASY or OILY and does not redden or stain the skin. It may be used with heat, and has a PLEASANT AROMA which is non-obtrusive. WONDER OIL utilizes the analgesic (PAIN KILLING) effect of oil of cloves with the soothing, cooling effects of menthol.

    WONDER OIL® can be used to relieve a wide variety of conditions including ARTHRITIC AND RHEUMATIC PAIN, SORE TIRED ACHING FEET, BRUSIES, SPRAINS, INSECT BITES, MUSCULAR ACHES, AND LEG CRAMPS. Because it does not irritate or redden the skin, patientdiscomfort is minimum, while relief is prompt.

    WONDER OIL® has been used by generations of families and is an excellent product for all those who prefer PURE AND NATURAL ingredients. If a soothing rub is required, then WONDER OIL® is the remedy you need.

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