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    Food with a great story to tell (plus it actually tastes good!)

    GORP Is Great For Your Active Life
    Well, besides being an easily digestible source of protein, packed with superstar ingredients, and tasting awesome, GORP bars don’t have any coatings. Coated bars tend to melt in your gym bag, pocket, or backpack, and can contain so much wax to keep it from melting that it doesn’t even taste like chocolate at the end of the day! We hide all the cocoa goodness INSIDE the bar so you still get that blast of pure cocoa flavour without the mess.

    We also went to the trouble of making our package resealable, so you can take your hit of energy when you really need it, and save the rest for later. No more lint-covered half-eaten energy bars to contend with!

    GORP Is Great for Sports
    Whether you are looking to do some carb loading before an intense workout, a replenishing post-workout recovery strategy, or even something to nibble on mid-ride, climb, or whatever, GORP Bar is formulated so you can use it how you need to.

    GORP bars provide 1 full gram of Omega-3 fatty acids for your hardworking joints. Omega-3 can relieve the inflammation associated with joint pain, which can be worsened by the oxidation process that takes place when you workout.

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