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    Mysa (MEE-sah): Swedish word meaning time dedicated to coziness.

    "Mysa-ing describes moments where we relax, enjoy the moment, and recharge.  This might be a quiet indulgent dinner, snuggling up on the couch to watch a movie, putting on your favourite sweats and curling up with a good book, or catching up with a good friend – and of course, this might involve a strong coffee or a glass of wine."

    We are a sister & brother team, born in a small Ontario community located in the woods and on the water, raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our Swedish grandparents chose Red Lake, Ontario to build a family and a lumber business, while contributing to growing the community. Like them, we value balancing quality time with hard work, are curious by nature, and enjoy rolling up our sleeves to figure out how something works and to learn a new craft.

    We’ve built Mysa Candles to share our love of those simple but important moments that we spend with friends and family to simply relax, recharge and get cozy. All aspects of our products are inspired by our Swedish background and the Canadian outdoors, and they are crafted with love in Winnipeg. 

    We carefully infuse small batches of 100% soy wax with our own blend of high quality essential and fragrance oils, hand pour the wax over wooden wicks into a heavy bottom whiskey glass, gold tin, or paper cup for use in our refillable containers, then wrap each candles with a label. We use soy wax because it burns slowly and cleanly; wood wicks because the soft crackle adds so much to cozy moments; and blend our own scents to capture just the right feeling we had in mind. Our 8oz whiskey glass candles burn for approximately 45-50 hours, 7oz candle refills for our ceramic containers burn for approximately 40-45 hours, and our 4oz candles burn for approximately 20-25 hours.

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