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    Velvety smooth lip products that keep both style and lip-health in mind. Inspired by nature.

    "As a professional makeup artist, my desire to use clean cosmetics for myself and my clients outweighed anything else. I wasn’t willing to compromise health, but felt a need to fill the gap between clean ingredients and professional-grade performance. So I used my knowledge of the beauty industry and created a product that you and I can feel good about wearing! No need to compromise.

    Let’s Talk Ingredients.

    I have chosen to combine clean and conventional to achieve a wholesome, yet modern look. I use food-grade dye to get that gorgeous, full coverage matte colour.

    Let’s get it out in the open - dye is not all natural. It is the same colourant that one would find in food, but that doesn’t make it natural! I am open and honest about this - because I want my product to meet professional standards.

    The rest of the ingredients? All clean, all beneficial. Nothing hidden."

    - Kristen, Tin Feather Cosmetics

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