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  • Pure Anada Retractable Lip Brush

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    Use Pure Anada's Retractable Lip Brush to apply Lip & Cheek Rouge.

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    Product description

    This compact, vegan-bristled brush is perfect for the application of all lip colour products. This applicator retracts into its own casing making it convenient to carry along with you everywhere.

    Seamlessly apply lip colour for a perfect look. The tapered, smaller tip allows for smooth and precise application.

    How to use: Stroke brush along or into lip product.

    For lipstick: Beginning at the outer corners of the mouth, work inward along edges to fill in lips.

    For lip gloss: Beginning at the center of the lip, avoid the edges, and work the gloss outward.

    Application Tip: Start by applying the lip colour to the center of the lips and moving outward – use the tip of the lip brush to enhance the edge of the lip line.

    Care: You should wash all your brushes on a weekly basis. That may seem excessive, but your makeup will apply much smoother and your skin will thank you! Cleaning your brushes on a regular basis will prevent product build-up, ensuring they last as long as possible.

    Rinse the bristles under warm, running water. Swirl your brush with some shampoo in the palm of your hand. Continue swirling and rinsing until the water runs clear. Gently squeeze the moisture out of the bristles and lay the brushes FLAT to dry. If brushes are set to dry upright (bristles up), moisture will seep into the ferrule (metal collar). This causes the glue to let loose and will ruin your brush.

    Warranty: It is possible that a brush is faulty from the manufacturer.  You will notice this almost immediately; the bristles will come off onto your skin the first time you use it, or after the first shampoo.  We guarantee our brushes for 30 days after purchase.  This gives you opportunity to apply your makeup and shampoo it a couple times to ensure the bristles are secure.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on brushes after this period of time.  

    Reviews 5 stars based on 1 reviews Create your own review

    5 stars based on 1 reviews Create your own review

    Most recent reviews

    • 5 / 5 Nicola Gordon 29-12-2021 00:26

      The strong, yet flexible application tip of this compact brush applies lipstick beautifully with precision therefore making my lipsticks last longer!