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  • Anointment


    Pregnancy & Postpartum, Baby Care, and Hand Crafted Soap. All-natural and Canadian-made.

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  • Bapron Baby

    Bapron Baby

    The bib for kids who hate bibs!

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  • Bee by the Sea

    Bee by the Sea

    Natural Shampoo & Conditioner featuring the benefits of Sea Buckthorn and Honey.

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  • Beekeeper's Naturals

    Beekeeper's Naturals

    Using the therapeutic nature of bee products and quality plant extracts, all while contributing toward health and saving the bees.

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  • Blush Silks

    Blush Silks

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  • Brush Naked

    Brush Naked

    100% Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrushes. Happy mouth, happy planet.

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  • Carina Organics

    Carina Organics

    Carina is committed creating clean & natural hair, skin, and body products.

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  • Chloe Laurenne Art

    Chloe Laurenne Art

    Gorgeous and intricate 5x5" art prints/cards, by a local artist named Chloe.

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  • Citron Remedies (Wonder Oil)

    Citron Remedies (Wonder Oil)

    WONDER OIL® has been used by generations of families and has been widely known as: "Canada's Healing Oil"

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  • Diva Cup

    Diva Cup

    Challenging the period status quo since 2003. The world's #1 Menstrual Cup brand.

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  • Dr. Brite

    Dr. Brite

    Started by a doctor/mom duo, Dr. Brite delivers health and oral wellness products for adults and children.

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  • Earth Mama Organics

    Earth Mama Organics

    Obsessively clean herbal care. For everyone and their mother.

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  • Ecologie


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  • Farm Apothecary

    Farm Apothecary

    Prairie fresh Body & Skincare

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  • Glee Gum

    Glee Gum

    Glee Gum is an natural chewing gum made without preservatives, artificial flavorings, colorings, or sweeteners.

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  • Gorp


    Food with a great story to tell (plus it actually tastes good!)

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  • Herbal Glo

    Herbal Glo

    Herbal Glo’s Ultra Clean Sanitizer Contains The Exact Formula Recommended By The World Health Organization

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  • Honey House Naturals

    Honey House Naturals

    Soothing skin and winning hearts. "Natural, Nurturing, Unique."

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  • Jack n' Jill

    Jack n' Jill

    Kids toothpaste and toothbrushes. Make brushing fun!

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  • Junglista


    Natural insect repellant.

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  • KMH Touches

    KMH Touches

    Environmentally-conscious, quality dental care products. Good for you, good for the environment.

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  • LaVigne Organic Skincare

    LaVigne Organic Skincare

    Organic skin & scalp care.

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  • Marseille's Remedy

    Marseille's Remedy

    Traditional essential oil blend that can be used to help with household cleaning, to reduce inflammation, improve health, soothe bug bites, and more.

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  • Meseret Adornments

    Meseret Adornments

    Elegant jewellery designs with a sophisticated rustic flair, ethically handcrafted from natural elements.

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  • Mysa Candles

    Mysa Candles

    Mysa (MEE-sah): Swedish word meaning time dedicated to coziness.

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  • Natracare


    Say goodbye to plastics, perfumes and chlorine, with our organic and natural range of tampons, pads, liners and wipes.

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  • Nature's Aid

    Nature's Aid

    Natural skin and body care designed to heal, nurture, and restore.

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  • Nova Scotia Fisherman

    Nova Scotia Fisherman

    Xtreme Skincare products are made strong for life at sea using only natural skin care ingredients. Made with powerful Nova Scotia Sea Kelp.

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  • Öko Creations

    Öko Creations

    Zero waste personal care products for the whole family from high-quality, conscientiously-sourced material, including cleansing & face cloths, and cloth pads.

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  • Orgaid


    Organic facial sheet masks using science to effectively deliver organic formulations to your skin.

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  • Organ(y)c


    Organ(y)c products are made with 100% organic cotton, inside and out. (Cotton rounds, cotton buds, and nursing pads.)

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  • Pacifica


    Clean perfume & fragrance.

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  • Prairie Baby Co.

    Prairie Baby Co.

    Manitoba made Pacifier Clips.

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  • Raven Creek Beeswax Candles

    Raven Creek Beeswax Candles

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  • Rock Stuff

    Rock Stuff

    "Rhythms of nature captured in stone." Soap dishes handcrafted on Vancouver Island, Canada.

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  • Rockwell Razors

    Rockwell Razors

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  • Rocky Mountain Barber Company

    Rocky Mountain Barber Company

    Men's hair and beard products.

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  • Routine


    Life changing natural deodorants and more made at the base of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

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  • Sapadilla


    100% PURE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND POWER · Meet Sapadilla, we make nice little eco-cleaners and soaps.

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  • Satya Organic Skincare

    Satya Organic Skincare

    Simply natural skincare - for dry skin, skin irritation, eczema relief.

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  • SoulDeo


    Manitoba made Natural Deodorant. Holistically clean, from the inside out.

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  • The Future is Bamboo

    The Future is Bamboo

    Biodegradable cotton buds.

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  • Green Beaver

    Green Beaver

    Your natural ally in personal care. (Toothpaste and SPF.)

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  • The Pure Boutique

    The Pure Boutique

    Bodycare with simple formulas in tantalizing scents. A healthier alternative to most mainstream bodycare products.

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  • Thursday Plantation

    Thursday Plantation

    Tea Tree Chewing sticks - Cinnamon

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  • Tin Feather Cosmetics

    Tin Feather Cosmetics

    Velvety smooth lip products that keep both style and lip-health in mind. Inspired by nature.

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  • Urban Spa

    Urban Spa

    Natural exfoliation, bath accessory, and pamper products.

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  • Viva Organics

    Viva Organics

    Clean natural beauty, effective skincare.

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  • Warm Buddy

    Warm Buddy

    The original warm-up animals and baby blankets, heat therapy, and spa comforts.

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  • Zero Waste Mvmt

    Zero Waste Mvmt

    Zero waste essentials to get you started on your zero waste journey!

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